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4 Must-Attend IT Network and SD-WAN Events - 2019 Edition

2018 saw a surge in the growth of SD-WAN. The SD-WAN infrastructure market continues to be one of the fastest growing tech industries globally. According to the IDC, revenues increased 83.3% in 2017, and predictions estimate that it will reach $4.5 billion by 2022.


As you plan for this growth, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest developments. Attending one of the many SD-WAN events and conferences that are scheduled for 2019 is a great way to do that, and to meet some of the technology thought leaders of today.

Check out this list of the 4 “must-attend” IT network and SD-WAN events in 2019.

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Apr 9-Apr 12 2019 | Paris, France

This year’s MPLS + SDN + NFWORLD event features the agenda: AI and Machine Learning Impacts. A highlight of the event will be the Public Multi-Vendor Interoperability Test, in which participants can explore a lab-validated network showcasing the latest industry advances. This year’s event is sure to be loaded with valuable information as representatives from large enterprises and IT service providers from across the globe provide thought leadership.

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Apr 8-Apr 9 2019 | New York, NY USA

WAN Summit is a two-day meeting focused on network managers who are responsible for global enterprises and want to stay on top of the latest network architecture developments and trends, and the telecommunications providers that are developing solutions for their needs. The summit features Peer Exchanges, Case Studies, and Interactive Q&A sessions on subjects of importance to enterprise WAN professionals. You’ll be able to meet vendors with new technologies surrounding global SD-WAN, cloud connectivity, and more.

Gartner Tech Growth event image.png

June 3-June 5 2019 | San Diego, CA USA

Gartner, a leading market research organization, sponsors this 3-day conference which features vendor-exclusive Gartner dialogue and research. The latest technology and business disruptions will be presented, as will practical advice on how to leverage the risk and opportunities these new technologies present. Sessions on competitive positioning and messaging, market opportunities and threats, ecosystem development and management, creating a customer-centric culture, provide an opportunity for conference attendees to engage with more than 40 Gartner analysts during 70 research-driven sessions.

IP EXPO europe image.png

Oct 8-Oct 9 2019 | London, England

IP EXPO Europe is a massive event which includes six conferences: IP EXPO, Developer X, Cyber Security X, Internet of Things X, AI-Analytics X, and Blockchain X. Registration grants you access to all six events. The 2018 conference included Carla Echevarria (The Power and Perils of AI), and Cato’s Director of Sales Engineering, Mark Bayne (The Future of SD-WAN). An exciting keynote speaker was Colonel Chris Hadfield, Astronaut and co-creator and host of the acclaimed BBC series Astronauts. It’s anticipated that this year will include another impressive lineup of presenters.

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