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The WAN is the backbone of the business so it’s no surprises that enterprises have spent significant portions of their IT budgets on their WANs. Configuring, maintaining, and scaling the WAN is very complex, posing the following challenges:

  • Cost, choice, and performance of network services: Network services range from expensive and reliable MPLS to low-cost and best-effort Internet connectivity and 4G/LTE wireless links. All can support your WAN strategy. The choice boils down to what’s available in your region, your application needs, and your budget.

  • Complex and fragmented WAN infrastructure: Once services are in place, routers, firewalls, and WAN optimization products are deployed to connect and secure the business. IT often struggles with the complexity of the hardware stack at every branch and the need to manage multiple policies and configurations at each.

  • Slow response to business needs: Network engineers and IT ops teams run the network and perform the needed configurations and adjustments make sure the applications and users are served. The ability to quickly make network changes and respond to business needs is critical in today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive business landscape.


SD-WAN boosts WAN capacity and flexibility while reducing costs. Yet SD-WAN’s effectiveness varies greatly between solution providers and architectures.​

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Understanding the Trade-offs for Your Next Generation WAN

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The network perimeter has dissolved. 

Fixed locations have given way to mobile users, corporate applications to cloud services, and servers to cloud instances. Security threats have skyrocketed and so have our security appliances. No longer is there a safe corporate network and dangerous Internet, there is only the network, or at least there should be.

How to secure Internet access points created by SD-WANs? What to do about sensitive applications that requires the management and service level agreements (SLAs) of an MPLS services? 

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